Reproduce the Jomon period with high-definition CG (computer graphics) and familiar illustrations. It is an application that allows you to experience AR at that time using a smartphone.

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How to use

After launching the “Kokosil” app, select “Kokosil Shinagawa・Omori Shell Mounds” in Kokosil Select (area selection screen), and then select “AR Shinagawa・Omori Shell Mounds”. (If you haven’t downloaded the “AR Shinagawa・Omori Shell Mounds” app, please download it too.)

Experience AR using a smartphone app!

At Omori Shell Mounds

The scenery of Jomon period and people’s life are reproduced by CG. Using a smartphone at the Omori Shell Mounds Park and a part of Oi Suijin Park, you can experience the lives of the people who lived in that place and the state of excavation as if you were time slipping through familiar illustrations.

When you use this app at a part of the Omori Shell Mounds Park and Oi Suijin Park, you can see the scenery of the Jomon period and CG that reproduces people’s lives on the terminal screen, and enjoy the state of Omori Shell Mounds as an AR experience. If you change the direction of the smartphone in the field, the appearance of the object changes according to that direction, and the state at that time is projected. People in the Jomon era are cooking pots using pottery, making pottery, the dwelling of homes, etc., CG, illustration, real scenery are combined on the screen and you can feel the Jomon era with your skin.